Keith’s presentation was terrific.  He presents the information in a way that is easy to understand and gives people a realistic idea of what they should do and why.  He is very practical and clear and is able to answer questions in a grass roots way using examples to illustrate his points which means that people leave the session with a really good understanding of what is expected of them when writing a grant application and why.” – Lane Cove Council


Our audience has found Keith’s presentations to be engaging and informative. He has a vast range of knowledge and experience and delivers this it in a way that is enjoyable and easy to digest” – Warringah Council


Keith created a mindset as to what Local Government need to be doing in the Grants arena and Local Government Authorities from around WA found this very beneficial found procedures.” –  LGMA Western Australia


I found this workshop to be very beneficial and practical for our staff who attended a workshop facilitated by Keith on how Council Staff should approach writing grants and where to find grants.” –  Wingecarribee Shire Council


Keith’s Grants Workshop’s should be mandatory for every community group! He has facilitated an Environmental Grants Workshop on a number of occasions for the Council aimed at Environmental Groups in the area. On all occasions the workshop has been successful and practical for all concerned.” – Pittwater Council


The Grants Writing Workshop facilitated by Keith was both practical and purposeful. Participants found his teaching style engaging . He is very knowledgeable in the area of Grants and encourages participants to apply for grants in a practical manner.” – Shoalhaven Council


Keith spoke at our State Conference and the clubs found it very beneficial. He provided an introduction to the Grants Sector and explained to clubs the do’s and don’ts of having to apply for and deliver on a grant.” – Netball NSW


Keith facilitated a Sports Grants Workshop at our State Conference which was very well received by the clubs. Keith gave the clubs an insight into the world of Grant Writing and what is expected of Grant applicants and their respective grant applications.” – Swimming WA


Keith spoke to our clubs who attended a workshop on Grants Writing. The clubs found the workshop extremely beneficial. Keith was a great presenter on the evening and dealt with all questions from the audience in a knowledgeable and professional manner.” – Football South Coast NSW


Keith spoke about Fundraising & Volunteer Management to our clubs from the ACT. The information provided by Keith was great and the clubs went away knowing more about were they are in terms of Fundraising & Volunteer Management and where they need to be.” – Capital Football


Keith facilitated a number of Grants Workshops for Rotary in the Northern NW area which were very well received. He is an excellent and enthusiastic presenter who engages the crowd and get them enthused about the subject matter.” – Rotary NSW


Keith has spoken at a number of our events and facilitated a number of workshops for the NSW Business Chamber, both in face-to-face and webinar format, which have been very well received by members of the Chamber across NSW.” – NSW Business Chamber


Both the academics and students who attended Keith’ Research Grants Workshop found it both beneficial and insightful as to what private sector funding was available and how to source it, both domestically and internationally.” – University of Canberra


Keith conducted a workshop on Research Grants and available funding opportunities from both the public and private sectors in Australia. The workshop was enthusiastically received by the Post-Grad and Post-Doctorate students who attended.” – University of Newcastle


The council were very happy with the excellent facilitation by Mr. Keith Whelan (The Grants Guy) of a number of Grants Workshops held for Newcastle City Council. The feedback from those attending was overwhelmingly positive, and many commended Mr. Whelan for his delivery of the workshop, content, and his knowledge of the Grants Sector.” – Newcastle City Council


The Grants Guy facilitated three workshops for the Council that were very well received by those who attended. The content of the workshop was very relevant for those intending to apply for a grant , in both the public and private sectors.”– Gosford City Council


The Grants Guy conducted a workshop for our staff which we found to be very beneficial. The workshop highlighted the processes of applying for a grant, developing a grants calendar and following up with the acquittal and reporting of a grant if the applicant was successful in attaining the grant.” – Diabetes NSW


Keith Whelan presented a workshop on Sports Grants to all Rugby Union clubs in the ACT and surrounding areas of NSW . The clubs found the workshop relevant as for a long time clubs did not know about what grants they could apply for and where they could find them. Keith’s workshop helped them with this.” – ACT Brumbies