How to Apply for Business Grants Workshop – 3 hours

About the Presenter:  Keith Whelan

Keith presently works liaising with all sectors for the community both public and private sector, sourcing grants and funding.  Keith has consulted with Local, State and Federal Government as well as a number of not for profit organisations, charities, sporting clubs, environmental groups, businesses across Australia. He presently teaches Grant Writing Workshops at the University of Sydney & Australian National University, Canberra.

What previous clients have said:

“I found this workshop to very beneficial for what we are looking to to do as a business in terms of applying for grants funding”. – Amanda, HR

“Well structured and well presented. A lot of interesting information delivered by an articulate facilitator” – Tony, CFO

“This workshop provided me with great insight into the grant application process that was relevant to our business”– Chris, CEO

Who should attend

This business grants workshop is the ideal, practical guide to grant writing for any business seeking to attain funding by applying for grants.  This is a practical step by step workshop where grants from both the public and private sector will assessed   and participants will have the opportunity to draft grant applications in class and have them assessed by the facilitator. A discussion will also take place with regard to current developments in the sector.

This workshop will provide valuable knowledge on a range of Grants related topics:

  • Public and Private Sector Grants – what is out there?
  • Visioning, Strategy, Methodology Project Planning & Project Rationale
  • Community Capacity Building & Sustainability
  • Practical Grant Writing Tips, Budgets & Grant Jargon
  • Acquittal of Funding & Evaluation