Community Collaboration Workshop

In theory collaboration sounds great. In practice, working together can be frustrating, time consuming and an aggravating experience. This workshop provides suggestions for when and not to collaborate. It also offers processes and procedures for building a collaborative team and working through a project from start to finish.

Working within local communities often requires an intimate knowledge of the community, establishing rapport and trust and engaging the community to become co-designers and co-researchers. However, often times it is not as easy given the time and numerous other constraints and barriers to effective local community collaboration. This workshop will explore the best practices and lessons learnt in local community collaboration.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Articulate and buy into the benefits of collaboration
  • Calculate the rate of return for working collaboratively
  • Understand the lifecycle of collaborative teams
  • Build high-trust relationships
  • Build Consensus
  • Design a Process Map
  • Manage Accountability
  • Overcome Barriers
  • Effectively run meetings

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Provide groups with tools that encourage collaboration during meetings, decision-making sessions
  • Offer several conflict resolution tactics
  • Suggest a multitude of methods to spawn ideas, improve reasoning and evaluate the viability of different initiatives